PROELIA Defense and Arrest Tactics is a complete system for all law enforcement, loss prevention and security personnel developed by working cops and based on the needs of the end users; the officers and deputies on the job who use it.

It has been taught to law enforcement recruits and in-service personnel with great success for several years.

The techniques and methodologies of PROELIA Defense and Arrest Tactics are currently being taught at several law enforcement academies including the San Jose Police Academy and the South Bay Regional Public Safety Training Consortium.  Several bay area agencies have adopted PROELIA Defense and Arrest Tactics for their in-service training.

PROELIA comes from Latin.  It is the plural form of the word warrior, or “warriors.”  In a law enforcement context, the term warrior is often misunderstood but is one of the many roles an officer must be ready to assume at any given moment.  These roles also include; (1) guardian, (2) the grief counselor, (3) the mental health worker, (4) the enforcer, (5) the forgiver, and so many more.  If one truly understands the multiple roles, they will also understand that they are not mutually exclusive of each other and can coexist at the same time.  Those that understand the nature of the job will completely understand the need to be able to switch from one role to another in order to successfully navigate this profession.  In any situation, and specifically in a physical arrest situation, the law enforcement officer must be prepared to assume the warrior role at a moment’s notice.

The law enforcement officer in all roles should operate morally, ethically and within the legal limitations established by law.  He/she is diligent concerning their safety and the safety of others.  He/she will take objectively reasonable measures to insure his or her own personal safety and/or the safety of others.

Every professional law enforcement officer prefers a peaceful resolution in any arrest situation and if feasible will work toward that end, even while in the role of warrior.  He/she completely understands that this goal cannot always be achieved and is ready to use objectively reasonable force to accomplish the mission.  The mission might include effecting an arrest, overcoming a subject’s resistance or preventing the escape of a subject.

PROELIA Defense and Arrest Tactics is much more than a list of techniques. We have a philosophy and methodology that emphasizes developing a strong foundation in the basics through multiple drills and learning activities. The system allows the officer to grow in skill level as the officer becomes more skilled in the basic competencies.

PROELIA Defense and Arrest Tactics is a constantly evolving and adapting system based on Human Performance Science, how the body reacts and performs under real world conditions. It is not an  overly complicated system of multiple techniques dependent on fine motor skills. Rather, it was designed to facilitate the application of gross motor skills, and is based upon reoccurring principles that can be applied to a wide variety of situations. It has been proven effective with officers regardless of size, strength, gender and level of training.

The developers of this system have decades of real law enforcement experience including patrol, special operations units, covert investigations and more. They have been instructing defense and arrest tactics to academy level and in-service personnel for over 10 years. They have been nationally published in use of force and defense & arrest tactics in both magazine and on-line articles.

PROELIA Defense and Arrest Tactics, LLC is an authorized Shudokai (branch dojo) of the Shudokan Ryu – Taiho Jutsu.