John Thornburg

Asst. Principal Instructor


John is a Commander with the Monterey County Sheriff’s Office (CA). He has a Masters Degree in Special Education from Western New Mexico University and has been with the Sheriff’s Office for 15 years. During his time with the Sheriff’s Office he has worked, corrections, DARE, patrol, FTO, SWAT, Gang Task Force, Patrol Sergeant and is now assigned as the Commander of the Internal Affairs and Training Unit.

John is a CA POST certified instructor in Defensive Tactics, Firearms, OC Spray, and Baton. John is a TASER International Master Instructor.  John has taught Defensive Tactics at the Academy level, in-service, and SWAT. John is also a TASER® Instructor, Rangemaster and less lethal instructor for the Sheriff’s Office. He has provided instruction in Force Options Simulator and serves as the Sheriff’s Office Use of Force Expert. John has provided testimony as the person most knowledgeable on use of force and police practices for the Sheriff’s Office in both local and federal court.

John has provided instruction in Special Operations, Crowd Control, Active Shooter, and Weapons Violations. John also served on the CA POST review committee for Weapons Violations. John has also developed and delivered courses in Corrections Defensive Tactics and Use of Force.

John holds a 1st Dan Black Belt in Police Taiho Jutsu.