Law Enforcement Arrest and Control / Defensive Tactics

We offer end-user and instructor level courses. We can customize the training to your specific agency needs.  Please contact us to set up a free consultation to design specific curriculum for your needs.

PROELIA Defense and Arrest Tactics system includes training in any or all of the following topics;

  • Use of Force Law Instruction
  • Handcuffing/Searching
  • Standing Suspect
  • Kneelling Suspect
  • Prone Suspect
  • Impact Weapons
  • Straight Baton
  • Expandable Baton
  • Expedient Impact Weapons (i.e., flashlight)
  • Suspect Control Holds
  • Takedowns


  • Carotid Restraint
  • Weapon Retention Techniques 
  • Weapon Disarm Techniques
  • Personal Defense Tactics
  • Standing and Ground Defense
  • Specialty Defense and Arrest Topics
  • Excited Delirium
  • In-Custody Death Prevention 
  • Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) 
  • Impact Suit Integration
  • Train the Trainer Courses


Use of Force Supervisor Liability Prevention (8-hour)

Law enforcement supervisors have a tremendous responsibility to insure that when an officer uses force that the event is completely and thoroughly documented in order to preserve the integrity of the event.

This course gives supervisors the training and tools to better evaluate a force response incident and report. The course is intended for FTOs, supervisors and trainers of law enforcement personnel. It is designed and taught by law enforcement supervisors with several years of field experience. Each instructor has extensive experience teaching use of force reporting and has provided expert testimony in many cases where excessive use of force was alleged.

This course covers the current national and state standards for use of force as well as current information on many force options including electronic weapons usage. Participating supervisors will evaluate multiple uses of force in both video and written form.

Please email Ed Flosi ( or John Thornburg ( for information on upcoming courses or if your agency would like to host the course.