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I was very pleased with the Mr. Flosi’s expertise in the field of police use of force. He has an in-depth understanding of the current law as it relates to the various force options available to police officers and he is polished in the art of testifying. Aside from his vast knowledge in police use of force cases, I was impressed with his indefatigable work ethic. I needed things done in a somewhat of a crunch and Mr. Flosi came through. I would not hesitate in hiring Mr. Flosi again.

Justin Buffington, Attorney at Rains Lucia Stern, P.C.

Ed’s experience as a trainer is unparalleled. He always strives to set the best example and constantly concerns himself with the welfare and needs of the student. Remaining open to new industry material, as well as the opinions of other trainers, allows Ed to provide relevant and current material in all of his presentations. In the areas of Use of Force and Defensive Tactics, there is no other trainer, mentor, or advisor I would seek counsel from than Ed Flosi.

Ken Hardesty, Instructor, Spartan Concepts and Consulting

Ed is a highly experienced professional with excellent teaching/facilitation skills. He receives outstanding reviews from students and is a pleasure to have on my staff.

Steve Cushing, President, South Bay Regional Public Safety Training Consortium

I give Ed Flosi my highest recommendation as a defensive tactics and crisis intervention team (CIT) trainer. He truly grasps the interface between public and officer safety, particularly as it applies to the emotionally disturbed and the mentally ill.

Ellis Amdur, Director, Edgework: Crisis Intervention Resources PLLC

Ed is very knowledgeable and draws from a great deal of experience. He is also adept at working in diverse groups, helping to bring together varied perspectives toward workable consensus. I’ve appreciated Ed’s positive outlook, “can-do” attitude, and overarching commitment to public safety and excellence. For these reasons, I recommend him as a capable and committed law enforcement professional.

– Bryon G. Gustafson, Bureau Chief, California Commission on Peace Officer Standards and Training (POST)

Ed is an articulate and knowledgeable instructor who ensures that his students understand their topic thoroughly and are competent in their skills and knowledge, starting with the basics.
Ed is a highly competent professional who is both humble and extremely generous with his time and knowledge. He is very approachable and articulate, with a calm demeanor that sets students at ease.

Janna Munk, Patrol Sergeant, City of San Jose Police Department

I have had the opportunity to work with Ed in different facets of law enforcement training. I have found Ed to be methodical and current with topics relating to LE training and case law. He has a passion for teaching and has always been willing to assist allied agencies by offering and/or providing his expertise. He is resourceful and open with his professional network circle to assist whenever possible.

Pedro Espinoza, Sergeant, City of Gilroy

Ed Flosi is the consummate professional with a strong work ethic, high moral standards and an eye for detail. Ed has established himself as an expert in his field and a go to person for law enforcement subject matter expertise. His retirement from the San Jose Police Department is their loss and the private sector’s gain.

 Doug Grant, Sergeant, San Jose Police Department (retired)

I have been an avid reader of Ed’s articles on the website. I have found his insight to be extremely good. I enjoy reading his articles, and find things that I can use to apply to my job. I also took a Defensive Instructor Certification class from Ed. I found that he was an excellent teacher. He was very approachable, and always open to hearing what his students had to say. He was extremely knowledgeable. He was able to present the material in several ways, so that all students could understand.

– Brian Chin, Corporal at Santa Clara County Department of Protective Services

In the many years of working with Ed at the San Jose Police Department, he has repeatedly proved himself to be one of the most dedicated law enforcement professionals among us. His on-going research, education and experience have uniquely qualified him in a variety of areas, most notably as a trainer, training manager and advocate for the professional development of law enforcement agencies across the nation.

– Guy Bernardo, Police Lieutenant, City of San Jose (retired)

Ed was on several Peace Officers Standards in Training (POST) committee’s with me for the State of California. Most notably the Use of Force Learning Domain for Police Training. Ed is a dedicated hard working police professional who has proven himself to clearly understand balancing police use of force and community policing. That service to our communities and our integrity are the two core values of all Police Officers. I give Ed my highest recommendation for employment.

– Andy Markel, Sergeant, Officer in Charge, Tactics Training Unit, Los Angeles Police Department

I have had the pleasure to have known and worked with Ed Flosi for over twenty years. During our last assignment together in the San Jose Police Department’s Research & Development Unit, Ed was assigned to policy review, and use of force issues. Ed’s expertise in Use of Force was especially essential in the study of the effects of the Taser, and developing policy for its use. Ed’s work has always been complete with attention to detail. He is by far one of the most knowledgeable people I know in Use of Force and it effects.

– Bob Nalett, Police Sergeant, San Jose Police Department (retired)

Sgt. Flosi’s real world experience in policing and academic background on use of force was extremely helpful in my research developing metrics for measuring deadly force performance and difficulty.

– Dr. Bryan Vila, Ph.D., Washington State University, Spokane

I was fortunate to work with Ed Flosi on a number of major projects while assigned to the R & D Unit of the SJPD. Ed consistently delivered the highest levels of professionalism, knowledge, experience, and effective communications in his work. His expertise in case law and how it applies to law enforcement issues made his role critical in policy development. Ed’s many years of experience as a police officer, sergeant, and law enforcement trainer enabled him to be able to clearly answer any questions or explain the many complex and related issues – not only to his peers, but to non-law enforcement audiences as well; his knowledge often surpassed that of legal counsel.
Ed’s work ethic is impeccable – He would be an asset to any organization.

– Christina Ewing, ANALYST II, San Jose Police Department (retired)