We are now offering Self-Defense for Women Courses!

Have you ever been concerned for your safety?

Do you want more confidence in your ability to defend yourself?

If you answered “yes” to these questions, we have a course series for you!

Take the opportunity to learn about self-defense from law enforcement professionals and trainers. Our trainers have been instructors for law enforcement defense and arrest tactics for over 10 years. In this capacity, they trained law enforcement personnel how to defend themselves.

self-defenseThe techniques you will be taught are based on street experience and human performance science, how the body reacts and performs under real world conditions. It is not an overly complicated system of multiple techniques dependent on fine motor skills. Rather, it was designed to facilitate the application of gross motor skills. It has been proven effective regardless of size, strength, gender and level of prior training.

The PROELIA Defense and Arrest Tactics, LLC Self-Defense for Women Course includes; (1) Winning Mindset, (2) Personal Body Weapons, (3) Ground Defense, (4) Ground Escapes, (5) Throws, (6) Wrist Grab Escapes, (7) Bear Hug Escapes, (8) Head Lock Escapes , (9) Choke Defense, (10) Leg Grab Defense, (11) …and much more.

This course will generally be delivered over a multiple week format. Each session will concentrate on building on the basics so that you will feel confident in your skills. Each course will be limited to only 8-10 students to insure that each student receives individualized attention.

Classes are available in the following counties; San Benito, Santa Clara, Santa Cruz, San Mateo and Monterey.

Email or call 408-315-0520 for class availability and for group rates.